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Community Update - Text Messaging Status

Its been a month since text messaging went down and we are still working to correct the problem. We've narrowed down what's causing it and hope to have things corrected as soon as we can. Once the fix is submitted it shouldn't take too long to implement and get things back to normal.

Please understand that at this time we're hesitant to commit to any specific timeframe, should something else come up that may require additional time to correct. I know this isn't exactly what anyone wants to hear but we will keep you posted on our progress, especially since now it has been determined what direction we need to go in.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to let us know your thoughts. We're here to support you, the users of LiveJournal.

We appreciate your patience as we work toward bringing text messaging back on line.

Thank you for using LiveJournal.com.

iicarrii - idigital - 22dip
LJ::TextMessage Development Team
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