Eclectic Rubbish (foobar) wrote in lj_textmessage,
Eclectic Rubbish

testing... those that responded to me Sunday, sorry, by the time you got to me I was already 'done' for the weekend and incapable of coherent thought. Yep, I'm still interested, and I'll contact you tonight most likely about arranging for the testing or access for me to do the testing.

To answer some questions: you don't need anything other than a unix box with a network connection and perl installed! If it can send emails and get webpages, it's got the right connectivity. REPEAT: LJ, mysql, and the rest are all NOT NEEDED. It's a perl module, a short script will easily let you test it.

Anyway... expect a follow-up tonight. And yes, if anyone else is interested in helping me test, I'm still open for more helpers. :)
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