I like that show where they solve all the murd3rs (cedarlibrarian) wrote in lj_textmessage,
I like that show where they solve all the murd3rs

another Cingular customer with no text messaging

Up until last Wednesday, texting was working just fine from LJ. I had the number programmed in correctly, was getting messages on a regular basis, etc. All of a sudden, it all stopped. People would IM me asking if I got their text messages, and I said no. Figuring it must be a problem with the phone company, I called them and they re-booted my phone from their offices. I followed their instructions, logged into LJ to send myself a text message, and...nothing.

I haven't touched the settings in my LJ from when they were working correctly, so I know it's not a problem with those. Or is it? Was there a switch in providers of some kind? Bleh. Technology befuddles me sometimes.

Help, please? Thank you kindly.
Tags: cingular

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