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LJ::TextMessage v1.5 Lock Down

We're shutting down development for the next version in the text message module, from when originally postponed a few weeks back.

Please keep in mind -
  • Any requests received after this post wont be worked until v1.5 is done and available on the User Info page.

  • If youre contacted for testing and know that you cant/arent/wont be able to do it, just let us know so we dont end up endlessly waiting for the testing to be done. :) No biggie, if anything it'll help speed things along!

  • The ToDo List shows everything we're including in this coming update and includes posts backing all the way to December. If we are missing anything that you know of, please yell and let us know about it.
Otherwise - we'll wrap things up as quickly as we can. If you have any questions on anything, be sure to let us know.


iicarrii - idigital - 22dip
LJ::TextMessage Development Team
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