Arwen S. (arwensommer) wrote in lj_textmessage,
Arwen S.

Support for Dutchtone/Orange-NL?

I was wondering if you could add support for text messaging for customers of Dutchtone (part of the Orange network). The information you request in the FAQ is like this:

- I can receive SMS messages from any email address worldwide. Customers of Dutchtone need to enable this service by texting "EMAIL AAN" to number 126 or by changing the setting on their personal page.
- NAME OF THE SERVICE: After that, messages can be sent to: Example: +31612345678 (+31 is the country code and the rest is the mobile number)
- The service is limited to 20 messages a day, except when the user sets it differently.
- Character limit is 150 characters total, including name of the recipient.

That's the information I have for now, I'd be happy to aid in testing. I didn't want to give out my mobile number just now, but let me know what I can do!

Thank you very much!
Tags: orange - netherlands

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