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Status Update

LJ::Textmessage v1.4 - feature freeze, now in testing phase

We're still looking for testers, either people to test the new code or to be guinea pigs. As soon as we've gotten some testing done, I'll release the new version! If you can test the code, let me know and I'll email it to you; if you can be a tester for one of the two new services (uboot and vodafone), reply to this and give some contact info! Anyone out there testing code: please check the replies to this entry if you're looking for test subjects! ;)

LJ::Textmessage v1.4.1 - still accepting submissions

- incorporated bellsouth/imcingular from rory
- incorporated verizon wireless mobile messenger from l2g

In other news, I think we need code-names for our releases. It works for all of the major open source OS's, right? ;)

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