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Running a little late here....ahem.

I believe there’s been about a handful of you where I’ve said to keep your eyes out for a coming post to answer the specific questions you had. But where is that post you ask? Would you believe me if I told you by tomorrow night? And would I have to run away very fast after saying this to you? heh.

Yes, an update is coming tomorrow night. And actually it will be the last of birthday comings for Frank this year. Not to mention, this is the reason why it’s a week late too. I admit it....I am the bad horrible man who didn’t know when Franks birthday was. And even worse is the fact that my brothers birthday was the 18th too. I completely forgot and I don’t even have an excuse. >:o

Therefore, I do owe an apology for blowing you all off. Admittedly my fault....

Within the next 24 hours we shall present to you one last celebration in honor of our Frank!

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