AT&T and Cingular

Cingular Blue doesn't exist any more, it can be removed.

Cingular is now AT&T. It's correctly configured with a max of 160 characters but entering the max allowed is resulting in text messages being broken up.

For example, if I send myself a text message using the link on my User Info page, entering more than 128 characters results in the message being broken up into two messages - a 20 character overrun.

On the plus side, since the messages are being broken up, you could - in theory - raise the limit.
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I just recently got a Helio phone and I'm hoping to get this phone on the list of supported carriers. You can send email SMS to

What other information is needed?

Verizon - Text Message Spam

I've got Verizon Wireless here in the States, but have recently been flooded with spam messages. I'd like to set my filters to block all web and email based messages, but this will block LJ out. What email address should I put on my white-out list to keep my LJ texts coming through?
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Three (3G) Australia support

My cellphone is through Three in Australia, but it's not listed in the supported services. I know that they *borrow* Telstra's services when I go out of range, but is it still possible for me to receive texts from LJ? If it's any help, my friends can send me SMS's from free websites, and they are delivered to me as normal messages (I don't have to log in anywhere)



Hello everyone. I want to notice, that ukrainian operator URS (trademark WellCom) was rebrandered to Beeline, so correct mail2sms gateway is:
Old gateway dosn't work anymore.

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Beeline GSM: encoding problem.

Hello. I'm writing about Beeline GSM provider. It seems like sending SMSes in Russian to that carrier causes some encoding problems: LJ sends e-mails in UTF-8, and Beeline seems not to handle such e-mails correctly. Though, I managed to send Russian SMSes by sending e-mails in KOI8-R (and, maybe, it's possible to send them via e-mails in Windows-1251). Could this be fixed?
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

TBayTel Support

If you could add support for TBayTel Mobility, that would be appreciated.


  • TbayTel Mobility -
  • 10-digit cellular telephone number (
  • Can support up to 160 characters per message. (The 160-character limit includes the sender's e-mail address (if applicable), the composed message and, if provided, the subject and callback number.)

Thanks in advance.


"Vodafone Japan" is now "Softbank Mobile"


I'd like you to know that "Vodafone Japan" (Previously J-Phone) was acquired by SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. a while back, and changed its name on October 1st, 2006.
So, would you please change the Service Provider List?

New name;
Softbank Mobile

Note that they don't accept "" address (to prevent receiving spams).

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Sasktel Support?

I have found that Sasktel is not shown as a supported carrier for the lj-textmessege feature.
I have found it goes your full sasktel number
If you could add sasktel to your supported list that would be great.